LIVE A LIVE saw release on the Super Famicom all the back in 1994. The game was critically praised across the board, but sadly, audiences outside of Japan never got a chance to experience the title. Now, 28 years after its initial release, LIVE A LIVE will finally get its time to shine with a full-on remake.

Famitsu magazine spoke to LIVE A LIVE director Takashi Tokita to get more information on how the project came together, and we learn that work on this remake began back in 2019. The three-year turnaround for this remake is quicker than most games, but Tokita said this was possible due to the team picking the HD-2D approach right from the start. The devs knew this unique engine would be the perfect way to revive the Super Famicom classic.

While the development process did take less time than most titles, Tokita says that some struggles with adapting the game’s many scenarios did slow things down. On top of that, the game hit pre-production right as the pandemic was in its worst moments, which ate up more time as well.

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