Super Mario RPG was one of those Super Nintendo titles that millions of fans wanted, but never thought Nintendo would actually do. While it took some time to bring about, Nintendo finally decided to give fans what they wanted with a full-on remake of the SNES classic for the Switch. Turns out Nintendo found the absolute perfect time to release that remake.

Throughout its entire run, the original Super Mario RPG managed to move 2.14 million units worldwide on the Super Nintendo. Wondering how the Switch version has done? Thanks to Nintendo’s Q3 report for Fiscal Year 2024, we now know that Super Mario RPG on Switch has hit 3.14 million units.

It’s hard to figure out which stat is more impressive; the fact that Super Mario RPG on Switch has outsold the entire install base of Super Mario RPG on the SNES, or the fact that it managed to pull in that number in just 6 weeks!

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5M ago

Yes, more like this, Nintendo. Can you also give us legitimate ways to access the original versions of your games on your newest consoles, please?


5M ago

It was fun to introduce this game to my wife, who started enjoying Mario RPGs with N64's Paper Mario. Nintendo did a great job refreshing this game while keeping all its best qualities.


5M ago

This just shows you how much bigger the userbase is today than the SNES days.

"Back in my day I paid $90 for an SNES game!! And here you're complaining about games going to $70!!"

I get it, but it's still not justifiable. Big publishers paying CEOs obscene amounts of bonuses on top of obscene amounts of salary, record profits, and more copies sold than ever.

But game prices must go up and thousands of people need to be laid off? Please.

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Game prices have pretty much stayed at the same level for the last 10 years while basically EVERYTHING else has been skyrocketing. I for one am glad that I can still buy a Switch game for 60 bucks after buying groceries for much, MUCH more than 10 years ago.