Nintendo is back with another round-up of Switch games that they think you should check out, and they’ve put together another yet another unique theme.

When you see a dragon, what are your first thoughts (after, “I hope that thing isn’t hungry”)? You might wonder about their size, their body texture, or whether they can breathe fire. Maybe you’re like us and wonder—if they can fly, does that mean we can ride them?!

Not to drag-on about these mythical creatures, but there’s one thing we can confirm: Dragons are pretty clawsome. So, with the start of a new Lunar New Year, Nintendo wanted to ring in the Year of the Dragon with games where you can see different takes on dragons and (perhaps more importantly) ride them!

As usual, Nintendo has offered up some of their own titles alongside third party options. You can have a look at the full slate of suggested titles here.

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