Horror has been a videogame genre since the very early days of gaming, and it’s only grown in both popularity and sophistication as the years go on. We’re now decades deep into an industry that has offered up some of the scariest psychological experiences out there, and now a new documentary series aims to pay tribute to the many great horror games over the years.

From the creators of the critically-acclaimed In Search of Darkness trilogy and First Person Shooter, it’s time to enter a whole new world of horror… TerrorBytes!

In this new five-part episodic documentary (five hours total), the crew will explore and celebrate the rich history of horror gaming, taking you behind-the-scenes with the developers, artists, composers, and other experts who crafted some of the scariest games of all time.

The growing cast includes legendary Silent Hill composer & producer Akira Yamaoka, Dead by Daylight co-directors Mathieu Coté and Dave Richard, Sierra Online co-founders Roberta Williams (Writer/Designer: Phantasmagoria) and Ken Williams (Programmer: Mystery House), as well as Dave Szymanski (Creator: Iron Lung, Dusk) and Hifumi Kōno (Director: Clock Tower, Clock Tower: The First Fear).

Joining them are Hubert Chardot (Writer: Alone in the Dark, Alone in the Dark 2; Scenario Design: Alone in the Dark 3), Thomas Grip (Co-Founder: Frictional Games; Creative Director: Penumbra and Amnesia series, Soma), Airdorf (Creator: FAITH: The Unholy Trinity), John Romero (Programmer/Designer: DOOM), and many more.

To learn more about TerrorBytes and how to snag a copy for yourself, check out the official site.

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