Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and one man, solo, indie developer Diedermor Studio are pleased to announce their forthcoming release Unlife. Launching on Switch March 1st, 2024, this is a dark and apocalyptic experience set in a world destroyed by nuclear war, where instead of land only the Black Ocean and its dangerous inhabitants exist!

Unlife may appear to be a straightforward 2d platformer in which you need to overcome various obstacles - swim under water, search for weapons and supplies, and destroy merciless monsters but there is a lot more to it. The hero will have to move between platforms on a large submarine from the Second World War and will also have the opportunity to personally control a smaller submarine. By collecting various trash, you can create items on the workbench necessary for survival. The genetic material of the killed creatures can help cure the hero of the disease, which will affect the end of the game.

The player’s first task will be to reach an old submarine located on a sea platform where the character wakes up. The player will have to explore various oceanic stations, some of which are submerged. Visit an abandoned ship, navigate through an underground subway inhabited by numerous nightmarish creatures. The player will encounter various horrifying entities resembling spiders, mutant humans, a colossal kraken, and a terrifying monster from the depths of the Black Sea.

Monsters are quite dangerous and their attacks significantly harm the character, so it’s crucial to act swiftly. By defeating a monster, the character obtains DNA from which they create a cure for the parasite.

Unlife narrative is linear, but there are two possible endings depending on whether the player can cure their character of the parasite living inside them.

An dark, horrifying experience - a post-apocalyptic challenge not to be overlooked!

Features and Facts

  • Dark mysterious atmosphere
  • Hand-drawn graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay and battles with dangerous monsters
  • Submarines and water locations
  • Two endings
  • Themed dark soundtrack
  • Run, dodge attacks, climb ladders, scale ledges, and swim underwater
  • Melee weapons for attacks and firearms for shooting
  • First aid kits restore health, and canned food temporarily increases stamina
  • Monsters
  • Keyboard hints at the initial stages
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