The Mimikyu, Gardevoir ex, Charizard ex, and more Pokémon TCG cards have been at the top tables all season, and now they’re ready to shine even brighter as Shiny Pokémon. You’ve probably played with a few of these cards at your local League or with a friend. And if you haven’t, there’s no better time to add a little sparkle to your next deck.

Scarlet & Violet—Paldean Fates features glimmering reprints of previously released Pokémon TCG cards as Shiny Pokémon, ready to make binders and decks across the world shine just a bit brighter. Here are some of the Shiny Pokémon that can pack a punch and foil out your deck all at once.

If you want to learn more about the Shiny opportunities in Scarlet & Violet—Paldean Fates and how they can power up your TCG decks, check out the official Pokémon Co. feature here.

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