Those who played Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories will no doubt remember the game’s card battling mechanic. Those same cards were turned into an actual playing deck, which saw release in Japan back on Sept. 30th, 2023. Not surprisingly, the cards were quick to sell out, leaving many fans in the dark.

Thankfully, Square Enix has revealed today that they’ll be restocking the Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories cards in the near future. Those in Japan will be able to snag another deck come April 27th, 2024. Unfortunately, we still have no word on these cards seeing release worldwide.

While it’s certainly possible to play any real-life card game with this deck, it won’t exactly be easy to shuffle these cards! They do have the suits on them as well, but the markings are quite feint as to not distract from the artwork.

The Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories deck of cards will be available on the Square Enix Japan website, priced at roughly $22.

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