Unicorn Overlord soundtrack sampler released

Preview the tunes ahead

19 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

At the start of this month, we shared a look at the 16-bit Arranged Music Album that is included with the Monarch Edition of Unicorn Overlord. We also followed that up with information on the game’s standalone soundtrack release, which releases day-and-date with the game itself on March 8th, 2024.

The Unicorn Overlord Original Soundtrack has only been announced for Japan right now, and it’ll see both a physical and digital release. The physical version is being sold for 4,400 yen through ebten only, while the digital version is 3,669 yen and will be available through multiple websites. Both versions include the exact same songs.

Today brings us a fresh preview video for the soundtrack, which includes a taste of just some of the songs you’ll hear in the full game. The music of Unicorn Overlord was created by composer Takafumi Noma, and you can see what you think of their work via the video above.

Univorn Overlord is an ultra-royalistic adventure tale of gathering friends and confronting a great evil is depicted with Vanillaware’s unique high-definition graphics and characters, highly flexible field exploration, and innovative simulation battles. While reminiscent of the classic simulation RPGs of the 1990s, the game incorporates modern elements such as a unique battle system and online battles.


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