Cult of the Lamb has been updated to Ver. 1.3.5. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Fixed occasional softlock when trying to hatch an egg.

Increased odds of meat room.

Fixed issue where damned followers were not spawning inside dungeons.

Fixed various occasional crashes.

Fixed Sozo not giving the option to decline his quest.

Fixed softlock where an enemy will appear fallen over, and the room won’t count as completed.

Fixed some localisation displaying incorrect languages.

Certain special followers are now unable to mate with one another.

Potential fix for a bug where the player is locked inside the resurrection room.

Fixed a certain special follower not drinking reserved drinks.

Fixed followers born in the cult requesting for you to find their sibling in the dungeon.

Damned followers when defeated will be recruited to your cult rather than killed.

Fixed drink house not resetting after being destroyed.

Fixed blunderbuss not showing on existing save files that started with Quick Start Mode enabled.

Fixed occasional softlock when healing a follower in the healing bay.

Fixed occasional softlock with the mating tent.

Fixed save files that didn’t unlock disciple structures when they should have.

Fixed followers that steal a bed not clearing their previous bed.

Fixed occasional issue where saving would throw an error.

Fixed silos showing incorrect amounts.

Fixed player being pushed out of bounds when collecting Sin.

Fixed ‘new outfit unlocked’ notification spam.

Fixed birds stealing a certain special crop (if this bug occurred, this crop will appear in players inventory on first load).

Fixed issue with morgues and crypts not displaying UI.

Fixed webber followers requesting to mate.

Fixed issue where weapons were being replaced by curses in the final boss fight.

Fixed softlock when nurturing a child at night time.

Fixed an occasional crash when followers are eating.


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