Indie publisher Sometimes You and Indie developer BOV, a team of two, are pleased to announce their forthcoming release Cat and Ghostly Road. Launching on Switch on 6th March 2024. An atmospheric and beautiful graphically stylized adventure title where the player has to go on a dangerous journey to the world of ghosts and demons.

Cat and Ghostly Road is quest driven and you will interact with a large number of characters through dialogues and by using items from the inventory. There are quite a few diverse characters and among the key characters, it’s important to mention the cat-girl, where you will gain a new and interesting mechanic.The main goal is to free the soul of the cat’s human friend from the demon’s captivity. You need to solve numerous tasks along the way: help a carp, find the dead flower, locate a skull for a ghost, drive away rats from an old ship, retrieve a phoenix feather. There are many varied tasks, and the cat/you will need cunning and special abilities, which are gradually acquired throughout the journey.

Cat and Ghostly Road is designed in such a way that you can’t skip any landscape. While some locations can be revisited, once the player progresses further, they lose the opportunity to go back. The storyline remains unchanged, but the game features a variety of diverse scenes. Some of the most memorable locations include the “Garden of Souls”, where one of the main scenes takes place, the “Spirit Cemetery”, a meditative walk through the “Pearl Tree”, and the “Ghostly Bazaar,” where you can encounter amazing characters. Plus a few more that gamers will find!!!


  • Cat’s visions - allow the player to see demons
  • Mini Puzzles- playing the clay flute (ocarina) - a game involving zodiac signs plus lots more
  • Gameplay - 3+ hours
  • Dialogue - simple straightforward, yet challenging
  • Cat and Ghostly Road - atmospheric and meditative in nature
  • Music/SFX - Expertly crafted and incorporated

Visually Cat and Ghostly Road is a title that has a focus on its looks and ambience to create a tranquil and enticing story so that gamers can enjoy both the environment and the mental challenges. The luxurious hand drawn screens are detailed and varied and inspired by Asian culture and art.

Cat and Ghostly Road’s intuitive presentation and tasks allow for gradual progression and interaction utilising objects is also balanced but at the same time challenging adding interest for the player to continue their exciting journey of exploration and achievements.

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