Warframe has been updated to Ver. 35.1.1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Top Fix:

Fixed not receiving rewards after completing the first rotation of an Alchemy mission.

Cross Platform Play/Save Changes & Fixes:

Founders items can now be accessed on platforms other than PC when the chosen Primary Account is on a Console platform.

We want to thank our Founders for their continued support from the start and are honored to have them here with us to enjoy Cross Platform Play and Save almost 11 years later! We greatly appreciate our day 1 supporters and thoroughly enjoy seeing them continue to sport their Founders gear. If you still can’t access your Founders items on your primary Console account after this Hotfix, please submit a ticket to

Note: The Excalibur Prime Dark and Bright Glyphs are not accessible at the moment, but we will have a follow up fix to ensure they are in the near future!

Fixed the PlayStation-exclusive Obsidian Syandana being visible and equippable from the Drifter Clothing menu on other Platforms via Cross Platform Save.

To learn more about Cross Platform Save exclusions (including platform-exclusive items such as the Obsidian Syandana), visit the Cross Platform Save information post.

Fixed players who linked their iOS account for Cross Platform Save not receiving the iOS Pre-Order / Day 1 Rewards (Bombyx Syandana and 3-Day Affinity Booster) in their Cross Platform Save accounts.

For affected accounts, an inbox message containing the rewards will be delivered after downloading this Hotfix and logging in.


  • Lowered the Akbolto’s Mastery Rank requirement from 9 to 8.
  • The Akbolto is a manufacturing requirement for the Akjagara, which is a Mastery Rank 8 weapon, so we reduced it so that players can craft the Akjagara without having to reach Mastery Rank 9.

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