Earlier today, SUNSOFT launched Ufouria 2: The Saga on Switch. You can pick up the game on the Switch eShop for $25, which lets you rampage through the fluffy feltwork recreation of the world of Ufouria with the original crew in an exploration-based action side-scroller.

Much like Yoshi’s Woolly World, Ufouria 2: The Saga takes a hand-crafted approach to its visuals, but that’s not just a graphical style on display. In a new feature from SUNSOFT themselves, we learn that the dev team actually got to work with real-life felt models before they developing the game.

The SUNSOFT dev team created these real versions of the characters, enemies and levels to use as reference pictures during development. First, they took the fabric used for needle felting and physically recreated characters by hand to experience the texture and feel. With that information in mind, they then began the process of getting these characters and locations into a computer for development.

If you’d like to learn more about how Ufouria 2: The Saga was made, you can find the complete SUNSOFT feature here.


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