Apex Legends first came onto the scene in 2019, and then Switch owners got in on the free-to-play action come 2021. The title has been going strong ever since, with millions of Legends joining the action every single month to see if they can come out on top. While those battles will no doubt continue, EA and Respawn apparently have plans to evolve the experience into something greater.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently spoke about all things Apex Legends, and he had some very encouraging numbers to share. (h/t VGC) According to Wilson, Apex Legends has seen 75% player retention throughout its 5+ years of existence, which is certainly impressive. Along with that, the game is currently seeing player numbers roughly equal to the game’s peak, and this is thanks to initiatives that make the experience a bit more welcoming to newcomers.

So what’s next for Apex Legends? Wilson didn’t share specifics, but he did mention that in the coming year, players can expect to see the game “expand beyond the traditional battle royale universe.” It’s an exciting statement to be sure, but a bit nebulous right now. It seems we’ll just have to pay close attention to see where things go from here.


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