Marvelous has just released their fiscal year report, and it sheds some light on the sales of various games. Rune Factory 5 is included in the report, and it seems the game is off to a very strong start.

Rune Factory 5 launched in May 2021 in Japan, followed by an NA/EU release in March 2022. So far, combined sales from all regions have reached 500k, but that figure comes from the the very end of March. With April now behind us and May almost halfway over, there’s no doubt that at the very least, Rune Factory 5 is inching close to 600k.

Wondering if Rune Factory 5 is worth your time? You can find our review here!

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2y ago

I'm one of those people. The framerate does get iffy many times. The combat is simplistic, I found the dodge mechanic to be iffy since the same button also maps to selecting the alternate magic/rune abilities if you expand the number of rune abilities you can use. The farming became more tolerable once I found out you can turn off the farm camera so the camera doesn't freak out every time you get close to the farmable area.

I actually do like multiple of the candidates so will replay it just to see those events.