Zoo Corporation has revealed that the Nintendo Switch version of “Akatsuki: Lord of the Dawn” will be available today and there will be a 20% off launch sale to celebrate the launch.

ZOO GAMES has released two 2D pixel art games so far: the first being the hack-and-slash rogue-lite action game “Rogue Explorer” (released in 2021), and the second being the rogue-like dungeon exploration shooting game “Mystic Gate” (released in 2023).

The third installment, “Akatsuki: Lord of the Dawn,” is a role-playing game where players can experience the growth and battles of the protagonist while enjoying the retro atmosphere of 2D pixel art!

Akatsuki: Lord of the Dawn is a real-time battle RPG where you make your own parties from a large variety of characters, use various military formations and techniques to take down your enemies.

The war between man and the demon king has ended, but the world is left ravaged. You take the role of a newly appointed lord, traveling across your lands to free your people from the remnants of the demon kings armies to bring back peace and stability once and for all.

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