Game music label GameGrooves presents XIII Cheers for Sweet Revenge: Kingdom Hearts Goes Emo, a remix album featuring 15 all-new remixes from across the dearly beloved KINGDOM HEARTS series. GameGrooves calls on fans to get out their black lipstick and eyeliner as their roster of regular contributors, including Ro Panuganti, Ian Martyn, and others blend sounds reminiscent of My Chemical Romance with Disney classics.

All the greatest hits from the series are here, including the aforementioned “Dearly Beloved” from KINGDOM HEARTS II, “Hikari” and “Simple and Clean” from the original KINGDOM HEARTS, “Face my Fears” from KINGDOM HEARTS III, and many Disney favorites that fit in perfectly with the concept. XIII Cheers for Sweet Revenge: Kingdom Hearts Goes Emo is out today on all storefronts and streaming platforms and can be ordered in physical CD and cassette tape formats on Bandcamp.

The full track list for XIII Cheers for Sweet Revenge: Kingdom Hearts Goes Emo is as follows:

  1. Dearly Beloved (KINGDOM HEARTS II)
  2. This Is Halloween (KINGDOM HEARTS)
  3. Don’t Think Twice (KINGDOM HEARTS III)
  4. A Pirate’s Life for Me (KINGDOM HEARTS III)
  5. A Whole New World (KINGDOM HEARTS: Melody of Memory)
  6. Under the Sea (KINGDOM HEARTS)
  7. Treasured Memories (KINGDOM HEARTS)
  10. Hikari (KINGDOM HEARTS)
  11. Passion (KINGDOM HEARTS II)
  12. Another Side (KINGDOM HEARTS)
  13. Sanctuary (KINGDOM HEARTS II)
  14. Simple and Clean (KINGDOM HEARTS)
  15. Face my Fears (KINGDOM HEARTS III)

“What started as an April Fool’s Day joke three years ago has culminated in one of my favorite GameGrooves albums to date”

“Given the genre, we decided to open the album to both Disney songs as well as Kingdom Hearts tracks. The result is a mesmerizing blend of nostalgia, emotion, and magic!”

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3M ago

'GOES' emo? I think that ship sailed a loooong time ago.