Recently, Nintendo successfully sued the creators of Yuzu, a high profile Switch emulator. As a result, the emulator was shut down completely. In Yuzu’s wake, new emulator efforts arose, but now it seems they’re being squashed as well.

Discord has made the move to shut down servers related to Switch emulators Suyu and Sudachi, and they’ve even gone so far as to disable the accounts of the lead developers for these emulators. Even more confusing, Discord isn’t offering any insight into why they made this decision.

The Verge tried to get a statement from Discord on the matter, and they replied with the following generic response:

“Discord responds to and complies with all legal and valid Digital Millennium Copyright Act requests. In this instance, there was also a court ordered injunction for the takedown of these materials, and we took action in a manner consistent with the court order.”

The devs behind Suyu and Sudachi said they received a message alleging that they were sharing content that violates intellectual property rights. Other than that, the whole situation remains a mystery. Of course, it doesn’t take a super sleuth to know that Nintendo is involved in all this. How much pressure Nintendo exerted in Discord is unknown, but whatever happened behind the scenes was enough for Discord to make this move.

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3M ago

And yet they're still not going after Ryujinx. Either they don't know about it, or these guys are only marked as valid targets due to being Yuzu derivatives.


3M ago


I'm sure they know about it. It's more likely that the Ryujinx people are keeping their heads down.


3M ago


Absolutely this. The smart communities are smart about stuff and know how to operate within Nintendo realms. I do not outright condone Nintendo’s legal actions recently, but you can’t poke the bear. especially not when gaming as a whole is undergoing a massive market recalibration