Mortal Kombat 2 writer trying to balance gore and fun

How about a nice friendship fatality?

13 May 2022
by quence 2

Writer Jeremy Slater just saw his work end on the Disney+ series Moon Knight, and now is onto the next project: A sequel to 2021’s Mortal Kombat movie. Of course, one of the most important and iconic aspects of Mortal Kombat is the action. In an interview with, Slater discusses his approach to the violence in the movie, and how he’s trying to strike a balance between gore that’s shocking without being too upsetting or disturbing.

“I feel like the gore in Mortal Kombat is awesome and it’s part of what people come for, you always have to find that balance between fun gore and gross gore, right?” Slater said. “Because there’s times where you rip someone’s heart off or the best kill in the first movie is Kung Lao’s spinning hat just sort of slicing her in half and that’s the perfect example of fun gore because it’s disgusting, but everyone laughs at the same time, right? You want to make sure that everyone is sort of laughing at the sort of audacity of the gore and they’re not sitting there sort of sickened by close ups of dripping entrails and visceral and things like that.

There’s a tongue in cheek aspect of Mortal Kombat in terms of the violence and in terms of the gore, there’s a little bit of winking at the audience and saying like, “Yeah, we know this is ridiculous, but it’s really fun and we’re all in on the joke together.” And when you find the right balance, I think that’s where you get moments like that incredibly bloody first battle that opens the first movie with score with Hanzo sort of tearing through all the assassins or you get the hat gag or things like that. So we’re looking at how do we emulate those gore moments from the first one that were really, really successful and got huge audience reactions and how do we give the audience even more this time around.”

There’s no official release date for Mortal Kombat 2 as of yet. Presumably it will be hitting HBO Max just like the first one did, but maybe this time around, we’ll also get to watch it in theaters? Either way, there should be some fun fatalities to look forward to.

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2y ago

"Simon and Gorefunkill" should be on the movie's soundtrack. 😉


2y ago

Friendships incoming