We’ve seen plenty of impossible Switch ports over the years, many of them ending up quite impressive. That’s thanks to some amazing third parties out there with incredible development skills, but now the mod scene is looking to one-up those efforts with an impossible port of their own.

One year back, Grand Theft Auto V’s source code was leaked, and modders snatched it up and have been running wild with it ever since. They continue to dig through the data to see what’s there and what they can do, and their latest efforts show a working version of GTA V on the Switch.

GTA V is likely the holy grail of impossible Switch ports and for a litany of reasons. There’s the fact that if Rockstar hasn’t tried to port the game yet then it’s likely not happening, but there’s also the tech side of things. Now, through the work of modders, we see what’s actually possible on Nintendo’s platform.

This unofficial Switch port of GTA V is far from finalized or optimized, yet the results are impressive. While the game has a lesser framerate and resolution than other versions, it’s still crazy to see the game up-and-running on Switch. As it stands now, the game is chugging along at anywhere from 27 fps to all the way up to 70, and this is all at handheld mode clock rate with no overclocking enabled.

So…what next? Now we wait to see if Rockstar swoops in to swat this project down, or if they decide to let it live online. Place your bets!


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3M ago

Why is GTA V is an impossible Port? That game released on the 360 and Ps3, maybe the current GTA Online it would be quite a task, but the single player should be no issue unless you want it to be running like the Ps5 and Series X port


3M ago


This mod was built from the GTA V source code leak and not based on any console versions. If the mods had the console source code, then a fuller Switch mod would be more plausible. This mod is basically taking the "modern" GTA V version and squeezing some of it on Switch.

As to the news article, the modders have already gave up working on this so it would take a new team of modders if they want to try to take on this task of running modern GTA V on Switch.

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