Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City hit theaters back in November, and it was both a commercial and critical failure. The adaptation seemed to missed the mark in quite a number of ways, and fans of the franchise are looking to move on from that memory.

Their next chance to do so is the upcoming Resident Evil series heading to Netflix on July 14th, 2022. In an interview with showrunner, showrunner Andrew Dabb explained how the show is doing things different from the recent movie.

“They were developed almost simultaneously and in some ways that was very freeing for us, because the number one thing you’ll see from fans is they want a straight adaptation. Well, the good news is they have it. It’s a very well-done adaptation of the first two games. And so for us, it was like, ‘OK, well, they’re doing that let us go and kind of forge our own path.’

So, it’s not a coincidence, it was kind of designed that way and the idea being that, you know, these two things can exist side by side, again, because everything Welcome to Raccoon City is exploring and subsequent movies explore are things that happen in our world. That doesn’t mean we’re gonna be sharing actors and things like that, that becomes more complicated. Obviously, their Wesker is not young Lance Reddick. But, you know, that was a choice that was made by Constantin and to kind of develop the most on page.”

[Showrunner Andrew Dabb]

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2y ago

The only difference I care about: Does it not suck?


2y ago

It's funny to see them dance around the obvious "Why is Wesker Black now" question. We know why Wesker is Black now. You don't have to explain it to us.


2y ago

If he really thinks the movie was a "very well-done adaptation of the first two games", then I have little faith in this, because that movie was absolutely terrible in almost every way.


2y ago

Woke trash progressive netflix garbage as per usual