First details shared for Death end re;Quest Code Z

The game is out in Japan on September 19th

25 April 2024
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Developer Compile Heart has revealed a slew of new details about and screenshots of the upcoming Death end re;Quest Code Z, a roguelike RPG slated to launch in Japan on September 19th. You can read them below:


A story in which various “parallel worlds” exist.

Iris was born in “DE-1 World,” which is the spitting image of Earth in the 2000s. The “spiral” of tragedy that continues to loop created by Iris’ birth is gradually unraveling thanks to the activities of Arata Mizunashi and company.

And so Iris, who regained good will, created “DE-1.5 World,” a replica of “DE-1 World.” This was an ideal world where those expected to fight were kind to one another, and where everything was in sync. However, a new crisis drew near even in this world.

A mysterious man appears, and the heroines are in danger. And so new protagonist Sayaka Hiwatari must face against a chaotic scene of friends and foes alike.

The battle against the upper world is about to enter a new phase…

Key Features

Significantly More Gruesome Expressions in the Series’ First CERO Z-Rated Entry

Death end re;Quest Code Z is loaded with event scenes that vividly depict the characters in bloodshed and after death. Additionally, intense sound effects significantly enhance the game’s sense of realism, which includes bones breaking, flesh tearing, and necks twisting.

A Completely New Story Featuring a Cast of All-Stars

Featuring numerous popular returning characters from previous entries as well as new characters, Death end re;Quest Code Z is a new story connected to past titles. The player teams up with the cheerful and positive new protagonist Sayaka Hiwatari, and the story advances as they work together. Unravel the inner workings of the world and approach the mastermind.

A Roguelike RPG That Can Be Played Again and Again

The alternate dimension known as the “Strain Area” is a 3D dungeon that changes structure each time you enter. With terrain, enemies, traps, and items that change upon every entry, unexpected “deaths” await!



  • Sayaka Hiwatari (voiced by Yoshino Aoyama)
  • Shina Ninomiya (voiced by Hisako Tojo)
  • Mai Toyama (voiced by Chiwa Saitou)
  • Yurisa Yamamura (voiced by Yuuki Kuwahara)

Order of Aphasis

  • Liliana Pinnata (voiced by Manaka Iwami)

Artists / Celebrities

  • Kaede Hizumi (voiced by Marika Kouno)
  • Chloe Aaron (voiced by Chiyo Tomaru)
  • Svetlana Amou (voiced by Chinami Hashimoto)

Chosen Citizens

  • Hinata Morikubo (voiced by Minami Tanaka)


  • Rotten Dollhart (voiced by Madoka Asahina)

Theme Songs

Opening Theme Song

  • Title: “Over my DEAD copy”
  • Singer: Gesshoku Kaigi
  • Writer / Composer / Arrangement: Gesshoku Kaigi

Ending Theme Song

  • Title: “Zion”
  • Singer: Gesshoku Kaigi
  • Writer / Composer / Arrangement: Gesshoku Kaigi

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This just looks like someone has a gore fetish.
Not going to lie, it's kinda creepy.