We wanted to let this one play out a bit before jumping in on the story, as there was a bit of confusion as to just who was behind the situation. It seems there’s still evidence pointing both towards and away from Nintendo actually being involved with this, but we’ll run with it for the time being. Should there be an actual confirmation one way or another, we’ll let you know.

Garry’s Mod first hit the scene all the way back in 2006, and gamers have been using it ever since to create virtual playgrounds filled with anything and everything they can imagine. Not surprisingly, a lot of people decided to cram their spaces full of Nintendo content, and a lot of it ended up being actual assets ripped straight from Nintendo games.

It’s not surprising that Nintendo wasn’t happy with gamers ripping assets from their games, but what is surprising is just how long it took Nintendo act. Nearly 20 years after Garry’s Mod launched, it appears Nintendo is finally going after developer Facepunch Studios with a massive series of DMCA takedowns. There was speculation at first that these takedowns were from a random third party, but the Garry of Garry’s Mod claims these takedowns are indeed from Nintendo’s reps.

As you probably guessed, the Garry’s Mod team is now going through the painstaking process of removing thousands of Nintendo assets, and it’ll no doubt take quite a bit of time. They are also asking gamers to help out by going in and removing any Nintendo content that they added. Hopefully by doing this, Garry’s Mod can continue to exist and the devs won’t be hit with lawsuits.


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3M ago

Well it appears it has been decided then if that's the case.


3M ago

Gary reached out to the people on Twitter that were posting the takedown was false, but nothing has come of it yet. Unless posted otherwise, I assume Facepunch's removal of Nintendo content will continue unabated. :/


3M ago

If it is actually Nintendo, why do this now after Garry's Mod has been around almost two decades? Has Skibidi Toilet increased its profile so much that it's now on the radar of Nintendo's "Be a Petty A-Hole About Everything Our Fans Do" department?

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3M ago


There's still back and forth going on whether if this is true or a whole lotta bunk, but Nintendo is obligated to act if they are tipped off to any "infringement" fair use laws be damned. Not that Garry's Mod had any claim to fair use considering it's premium software that allows modders to import non-licensed IP instead of locking it to Valve-developed and Valve authorized games only.

Garry seems to don't want to fight this as losing a fight with Nintendo will set a legal precedent that all game mods are illegal and that means bye bye unauthorized and unlicensed mods. You just know game companies will rush through the flood gates to remove all mods depending how this fallout with Nintendo goes.

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