Splatoon 3's 'Angle Shooter' weapon detailed

I can be your angle... or yuor devil

16 May 2022
by nintendojam 3

Nintendo has started revealing weapons for Splatoon 3 via the game’s official Twitter account. Last week we got a look at the charger weapons, and today we learn a bit about the Angle Shooter, also known as the “Line Marker” in Japan.

According to today’s social media post, the Angle Shooter is a “new sub-weapon that shoots a straight line into the distance that bounces off surfaces. Enemies who touch the line are marked and take damage, helping you pin them down to splat with your main weapon!”

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2y ago

This weapon is much over-the-top in the Splatoon universe for my tasting, but will make an interesting varied gamer change, of course.


2y ago

I'm worried this will be a strictly worse Point Sensor. But at least it bounces off walls so it will still have some use around obstacles and corners.

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2y ago

"yuor", typo or meme?