Earlier this week, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa officially announced the Switch’s successor. We learned that Nintendo will be talking about the hardware in some way later on this fiscal year, which is set to end by April 2024. What we learn and when remains to be seen, but there’s actually a little detail to talk about right now.

Mr. Furukawa specifically referred to this hardware as the “Switch successor.” During Nintendo’s investor briefing following the company’s Fiscal Year results, and investor was wondering why Nintendo went with that phrasing. You might remember that when the Wii U was announced, Nintendo called it the “Wii successor,” but when they announced Switch, it was called a “new concept console.”

Furukawa shed some light on the situation, saying that at this point, describing the new hardware as a “successor” to Switch was the best way to describe things. It seems Nintendo is planning to adjust how they talk about this successor as we move deeper into the year, but at least for now, this phrasing seems to indicate that Switch and its successor will share some similar idea philosophies.

UPDATE: We now have the official translation of Nintendo’s comments on this matter, and you can see them below.


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3M ago

So if Furukawa had been with Sony Computer Entertainment that would have made PS2 the "Playstation successor?" Makes sense, I guess.