We all want to know everything there is to know about the Switch’s successor. From what the hardware does to what games are in the works, fans are eager to learn all about Nintendo’s next-gen hardware. Of course, we also want to know the release date, and on that front, Nintendo may have inadvertently shared a bit of insight on that.

Nintendo shared their fiscal year report earlier this week, and with that comes the usual Q&A session with investors. During that Q&A, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa shared sales expectations for hardware this fiscal year, which runs from now until April 2025. Nintendo projected 13.5 million Switch units sold in the fiscal year, but Furukawa made a very important distinction about that figure.

Mr. Furukawa specifically stated that the sales forecasts for this period do not include sales of the Switch successor. In other words, Nintendo hasn’t shared any projects for Switch successor sales in the current fiscal year, which would seem to indicate that Switch’s follow-up won’t be available until the next fiscal year. That kicks off April 2025, so that would be the earliest we could see the device.

Now, Nintendo could always revise their fiscal forecast, and that’s something they’ve actually done numerous times in the past. Revisions have gone both upwards and downwards, so it’s possible Nintendo could be holding onto Switch successor sales projections for once they’ve shared more details on the platform. Then again, it’s equally likely we won’t see Nintendo’s next-gen hardware until the next fiscal year. Only time will tell.

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3M ago

Sounds about right. I do believe this time next year we will be playing the new system.


3M ago

While I don't necessarily think the new system is coming this year, I don't think it makes too much sense to draw this conclusion from this statement. If the new system isn't coming this next financial year, then it would already be true that the projections exclude the new system.

Agreed, if anything it points to it coming this fiscal year.