Nintendo recently shared their fiscal results for their 2023-2024 fiscal year, and that was followed by a Q&A session with investors. As usual, a variety of questions were asked, and we have a breakdown of one back-and-forth.

One investor in particular asked Nintendo about how Nintendo plans to maintain their “Nintendo-like” profit levels, which was a term the late Satoru Iwata used to say. In response, Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa talked about plans to keep Switch sales going strong in order to bring in cash, but they’ll also be fully working towards the Switch’s successor at the same time. You can see his full statement below.


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3M ago

It is exciting to read that new things are coming and that promises are made to introduce them to existing console owners as well.
What I'm not looking forward to is how just a few years from now the original Switch players will gradually lose important online functionality and the ability to buy new games while their systems it selves are still running perfectly fine. Just look at everything we used to do online on our Wii/WiiU/DSi/3DS, and what is left of it now. These many many millions of game consoles are still running perfectly fine. And many many many Switch devices will be set sidelined very soon if this way of doing business continues.

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3M ago


I mean...people have begun losing interest in the Switch and the sales for the Switch are declining..can you blame Nintendo for this should the time come that the cost of maintaing servers for consoles that they discontinue is too expensive?


2M ago


I think server costs are just a bit of an excuse. To keep things working for the people that are still using it shouldn't cost the same as having the ability to get millions of players online. With a little bit of good will from the company we could in time still play these older online games on the original console with our children's children.

But the company wants you to buy the same games again on a newer console, so there is no effort at all to keep things running in the long run. And this is why people aren't really coming back to their older (amazing) online games in time. Also declaring a system dead instead of opening it up for the community doesn't help here.

What would happen if Nintendo choose to release a true 10/10 Wind Waker sequel exclusively for the Gamecube? I guess millions of gamecubes would get a second life. They would gain valued again. It would inspire other studios to create another game for it as well. Same goes for the other game consoles of course.