Legend of Zelda fans have been clamoring for the series’ titular princess to get her own game for years now. Speculation was rampant before Tears of the Kingdom’s release that she might be playable there, but that never came to pass. Now, a new rumor seems to indicate that there could be a brand new game with a playable Zelda on the horizon.

This rumor comes to us from PapaGenos on Twitter, a leaker who has previously indicated both Metroid Prime: Remastered and the Switch remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong ahead of their official announcements. Yesterday, they shared a post noting that a game with Zelda as the main character is long overdue. If you look close, you’ll notice that the capital letters in the post spell out the phrase, “This is a hint”.

PapaGenos’ reputation of accurate past leaks is what makes this rumor worth examining. That said, it could easily turn out to be nothing. Even if the source is accurate, that doesn’t mean that Nintendo will necessarily stick with any Zelda-centric game plans they might be considering. As always with rumors like this one, heavy grains of salt are recommended.

On the other hand, Princess Peach recently got a starring role, so Zelda could be a logical follow-up. If the rumor does turn out to be true, might this be a swan song game on Switch, or a launch title for its successor? We’ll have to wait and see…

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2M ago

It's really not a lot to go on... it could easily just be PapaGenos hinting to Nintendo that he wants a playable Zelda. But it's another thing I hate about leakers. They don't just ruin Nintendo's announcement plans, they play coy and lord over us their little shreds of information.


2M ago


I agree. This guy has been unbelievably wrong so many times that I just don't think it's worth giving him any attention here.


2M ago

Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon Remake confirmed!!


2M ago

Lost me when the dude in question was referred to as a ‘They’.


2M ago


I mean, I don't know who papagenos is, all I can say is that it's presumably a profile on the former Twitter... can't tell if it's a man, woman or three poodles in a trenchcoat, so I guess the use of "they" is quite correct. Anyway, weird thing to be hung up on, and tells me a lot more about you than about anything else