Rumors about the Switch successor have been flooding in after Nintendo officially revealed that it will be announced this fiscal year. Midori, a prominent leaker who has connections to SEGA/Atlus and has shared accurate information in the past, is now saying that she has heard that Nintendo’s next system has the codename “Ounce.”

As you may recall, Midori previously shared that Nintendo has a project in development with the codename “U-King-O.” The codename for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was “U-King,” meaning that U-King-O is likely a port of the award-winning game for the Switch successor. Exactly what the “O” stands for has been up for debate, but we now know it could potentially be Ounce. Nintendo likes to add another dash and letter to codenames when they work on ports, so this is a very probable turn of events.

It sounds like the rumor from last week of the codename being “Muji” may have already been debunked. Midori believes that the codename Ounce may have been decided on because “Nintendo was able to put stronger hardware into a portable device that is still not too heavy to use,” although this is strictly her speculation.

Additionally, Midori has heard that Nintendo has been using the names ‘Switch 2’ or ‘New Switch’ when referring to the new hardware to developers such as SEGA and Atlus. However, it’s unlikely that either of these will be the final name of the system.

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2M ago

Ounce is a silly codename. But codenames don't matter.

You know what might be fun for "U-King-O"? If it was that rumored Princess Zelda game. And you got to play the parts of BoTW and/or ToTK as Princess Zelda. At least then we'd be getting "new" stuff instead of just remastered stuff.


2M ago

I wonder what BoTW will be like on the New Switch. Maybe ToTK will be ported as well.


2M ago

Interesting, but it's also important to note that there is likely more than one codename for the console right now. Codenames aren't something where there can only be one™.

Iwata first went public with the "NX" codename for Switch. Later we found out no one in Nintendo was actually using that codename, Iwata just made it up on the spot because he thought it sounded cool.

But by that time Nintendo had to have had a codename already in use, which obviously was not NX.

So one team might be using "Ounce," one team might be using "New Switch," another "Muji," and who knows how many other teams using other names while info is compartmentalized.

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