There’s been more and more talk over the past several months about Microsoft bringing their previously exclusive games to other platforms, including the Switch. Much of that talk has come from Microsoft themselves, with games like Grounded and Pentiment both landing on Switch recently (and Hi-Fi Rush all but confirmed). Now, a new report indicates that there could be more Microsoft games headed our way if their CEO has his way.

The report in question comes from Windows Central, and it’s a rather critical exploration of current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The part that concerns video game fans comes about two thirds of the way through, when an initiative known as ‘Latitude’ is discussed. The Latitude project is apparently all about bringing more big Microsoft developed games to competing consoles in an effort to increase profits. The report’s sources indicate that there is “no red line” for what those games might be, meaning that even their most coveted franchises could be on the table.

We’ve already seen stories of great success for Microsoft games on Switch and PS5, so it’s not too surprising that they’re looking to expand the initiative. Still, it sounds like there’s some pushback both internally and from fans, so this might not happen to the extent some would hope. No specific games or plans have been formally announced yet either, so we’ll have to wait and see what this all amounts to.

Click here to read the full report for yourself.


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Well, you better get on with it, Mr Michael Rosoft.


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The click here is going to a different page.


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Thank you for pointing that out, fixed!


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Xbox is so going 3rd party it makes me think what the future will bring with less competion. Interesting or sure.