It’s been a while since the last update for the next chapters of Deltarune but today we finally have some really exciting news for fans!

The development team behind Deltarune has expanded, adding several new members to the team. This addition has significantly boosted progress on the game. Accoding to Toby Fox:

Chapter 4 development is going better than ever. We are on track to meet our internal deadline. The new hires are already making a great difference to improve the atmosphere and feel of the chapter. I feel really good about this, champ.

Currently, Chapter 4 is progressing well and is on track to meet the internal deadline. The cutscenes are nearly complete, with only a few challenging ones remaining. All battle attacks have been developed, although some refinement is needed for the boss encounters. Approximately 10 more overworld maps need to be created and some existing ones require polishing. Additionally, most iterations of a complex gimmick have been completed, with further work required for the new maps and one additional gimmick.

After completing Chapter 4, part of the team will shift focus to Chapter 5. Despite the progress, the developers have not yet set a release date, citing potential unforeseen factors. They promise to provide updates as soon as possible and are committed to delivering the game to fans.

And that’s all for this update. While the lack of a release date may be disappointing for some, hearing that the game is progressing well is always nice to hear.

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I, uh....didn't miss chapter 3, did I?