thatgamecompany invites fans of the award-winning studio’s globally renowned social adventure game Sky: Children of the Light to experience an extraordinary visual odyssey with the upcoming release of “The Art of Sky”, a beautifully curated art book featuring over 250 pages of thatgamecompany’s trademark artistic excellence. The bewitching art book, now available for pre-order, compiles concept art illustrations spanning the game’s earliest days, heartfelt behind-the-scenes commentary, and never-before-seen imagery in a beautifully crafted, timeless first-edition hardcover volume perfect for devoted players and collectors alike.

Sky: Children of the Light is beloved for its beautifully animated landscapes, touching storytelling, and the lasting bonds the game facilitates between players around the world. The art book is destined to bring fans into the magical world of Sky, with features such as:

● Early Prototypes – Go behind the scenes and discover more than a dozen different Sky child prototypes, early sketches of Sky’s social hub Aviary, and fantastic never-before-seen creatures.

● Rich History and Lore – Each section of “The Art of Sky” contains fascinating descriptions and backstories woven into Sky’s realms and details the extensive creative processes behind each decision made by thatgamecompany’s art team.

● Premium Design – Copies of “The Art of Sky” are printed on premium paper and come individually numbered for authenticity.

● Fan Art – Sky’s dedicated fanbase makes the community what it is, and “The Art of Sky” features a beautiful epilogue containing some of the pieces shared over the years by fans around the world.

● Pre-order Bonuses – Pre-ordering “The Art of Sky” grants bonus gifts of eight enchanting Sky postcards and three classic Sky posters while supplies last.

STAR Feature Bonus

Expanding players’ journey within Sky even further, a special STAR chip is embedded in every copy, which can be scanned on Nintendo Switch or compatible iOS and Android devices to obtain an in-game book. Placing and interacting with the book in Sky: Children of the Light cues a special cutscene with evocative visuals that grants a look inside the technical art that went into building the game’s whimsical lands.

“The Art of Sky” can be pre-ordered for $125 USD on and more information can be found on Sky’s official blog. The anticipated book will release later this year.

If you live in the Los Angeles Area, pre-order today for a chance to pick up your copy of the book and have it signed by the artist at thatgamecompany’s exhibition at Gallery Nucleus on June 15th, 2024. You can get full details on that event here.

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