Capcom showed off a series of items that are available in a Monster Hunter Ichiban Kuji lottery, and everything has been designed in a chibi style by illustrator Amelicart. This lottery is only open to those in Japan and it’s officially opened to participants today.

For those who don’t know, Ichiban Kuji is a popular lottery prize series that is held at participating convenience stores and specialty shops. You’ll be able to buy tickets for this Monster Hunter lottery via the Cap Kuji Online website.

The lineup of prizes in this lottery is as follows:

  • S tier prize: Boxed set of pins
  • A tier prize: B2-sized hanging tapestries
  • B-tier prize: Full-color tote bag
  • C-tier prize: Ringed notebook
  • D-tier prize: Big sticker
  • E-tier prize: Tin badge

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