Every system has its cancelled games. For one reason or another, there are always games that have their planned releases scrapped. Most of them don’t see the light of day, and we may never even learn of their existence. Others end up wiggling their way out onto the internet one way or another. The latter is exactly what’s happened with WWE Brawl.

Back in 2009, THQ was working on a title called WWE Brawl. The game was actually quite far along in development, but it ended up getting cancelled in its late stages. This sequel to WWE All-Stars got squashed due to THQ going bankrupt, leaving the title lost to the annals of time, or so we thought.

The video above shows off a recently-discovered 3DS prototype for WWE Brawl. This marks the very first time we’ve seen the 3DS version in action, and it’s also the first time we have gotten gameplay footage outside of a very quick snippet shown in an Xbox 360 sizzle reel. This 3DS prototype version isn’t a final build, but it’s obviously very far along in development, giving us plenty of content enjoy.

If anything, seeing this footage shows just how much of a shame it was that WWE Brawl never released. It seems like a pretty great idea that mashes up mechanics from Smash Bros. and Power Stone, and that no doubt would have resonated with WWE fans and non-fans alike.

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2M ago

So sad to see that this game didn't get far enough into development to see a release. Would've been a refreshing take on the WWE Universe.