Another dose of Switch Online icons is here for Switch Online members, and they feature some of Nintendo’s biggest and brightest characters.

The next wave of Mario-related icons are up for grabs. You can find icons for Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Super Mario World + Bowser’s Fury this time around, and there’s a healthy collection of each to sift through.

As usual, the character icons themselves are 10 Platinum Points, while the borders and backgrounds are 5 Platinum Points a piece. This round will be up for grabs until May 27th, 2024, so don’t miss out!

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2M ago

What's not mentioned in the main article here is that you must have played the relevant Mario game three times in the last 90 days or you won't be allowed to buy them. If you have not touched a relevant Mario title 3 times in the last 90 days, you will be locked out from buying them with Platinum Coins.

This restriction is like Valve asking Steam players to play a Steam Points Shop attached game three times in the last 90 days before the players would be allowed to use their Steam Points. It's bad. Neither Valve, Sony, or Microsoft do this with cosmetics. It's only Nintendo doing this dumb double unlock system for Switch cosmetics.

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