The add-ons catalog is growing, which means many more ways to change your game, your way – even on consoles! Add-ons are the easiest way to modify your worlds with custom blocks, items, mobs, recipes, and other content. Try them out with Marketplace Pass or download directly from Minecraft Marketplace. Pick up the free party supplies pack by Oreville Studios and let’s get this add-ons party started!

Need a little help with adding mobs, powerful tools, usable furniture, vehicles and more to your Minecraft experience? Watch the video above to learn how to find, download, and install add-ons from the Minecraft Marketplace.

Add-ons will work on any platform that runs Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. In addition, add-ons work in multiplayer and on Realms, so you can play with friends.The easiest and safest way to acquire add-ons is through the Marketplace in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Open Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and navigate to the Marketplace. Discover add-ons by finding them in featured content rows or searching for specific add-ons using the Marketplace search feature. Add-ons can be identified by the “hammer” icon.

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