Back in my day, any kid who said they wanted to work at a video game company usually was met with laughs or scoffs. Parents just didn’t see the bigger picture back then, but that was roughly a million years ago. In today’s day and age, many see the game industry as an incredibly viable option for work, and that’s doubly true in Japan.

Tokyo credit management company Risk Monster recently held a survey that asked Japanese parents where they wanted their kids/grandkids to work. 800 participants answered, 200 with a son, 200 with a daughter, 200 with a grandson, and 200 with a granddaughter. The top 5 answers were revealed, and Nintendo managed to land at spot #4.

The top 5 places Japanese parents want their kids to work are as follows:

1 .National government: 16 percent 2. Regional government: 13.3 percent 3. Toyota: 10.8 percent 4. Nintendo: 6.9 percent 5. Panasonic: 5.4 percent

Poll respondents also shared insight into what they were looking for with their child’s future professions:

  1. Stability: 46.1 percent
  2. No overworking of employees or harassment: 40.5 percent
  3. Extensive benefits package: 39.5 percent
  4. Work that is personally satisfying: 37.6 percent
  5. High salary: 34.3 percent

To read up more on the results of this study, you can find the complete breakdown here.

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2M ago

Nintendo is Japan's #1 export.

Well, not really. That's Toyota. Then you have Manga and DragonBall in particular. But Nintendo is really prestigious these days.