Lorelei and the Laser Eyes has been warping brains ever since it launched last week, hitting players with galaxy-brained puzzle after galaxy-brained puzzle. These kind of intricate, bewildering set pieces have players trying every and any solution, and now we know that one item in your inventory won’t be used in solving any of them.

There are plenty of items to snag in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, and one of them you’ll find on your person is a tampon. Sure, we all know what a tampon does in the real world, but what mystery does it unlock in the game? Turns out there’s no secret use or hidden meaning for Lorelei and the Laser Eyes either.

In an interview with Polygon, Simogo co-founder Simon Flesser was asked about how players are meant to use the tampon. According to Flesser, the game includes a tampon simply to bring a bit of normalcy to a crazy game world.

“These everyday items and actions, like using the restroom and taking the elevator, are all there to establish a sense of mundanity, or normality. The more absurd and surreal components of the game feel even stranger when presented together with these ordinary elements.

It (the tampon) was suggested by my partner, who simply just asked why the woman does not carry tampons in her purse. It simply exists.”

[Simogo co-founder Simon Flesser]

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