Sky: Children of the Light has been updated to Ver. 0.25.5. You can read the patch notes for this update below.

This patch brings the second half of the Season, with new quests to share with the Nesting Guide—not to mention new features and improvements for your Nest. The update has tweaks for improved lighting in your Nest at night, more unique animations for avatars as they sit on different types of furniture, plus a new feature that we’re hoping will spark inspiration for everyone: an option in your Nest menu to view other Nests.

You’ll be able to “scroll” through a preview of these Nests that favors ones your friends have made while also showing Nests that other players have made too. It’s just a preview, though, so you won’t see anyone in this view, and other players won’t see anyone who might be viewing their Nest through this feature either.

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