The Glass Staircase, a short-form old-school psychological horror game from the terror experts at Puppet Combo arrives on Switch today.

Experience the game that Bloody Disgusting has called “Puppet Combo’s most ambitious effort to date.” You take control of four girls as they navigate the horrors of a dilapidated orphanage. Each day, they’re given tasks to complete but it quickly becomes clear that it is anything but routine for them.

Rather than focusing on grotesque slasher horror, The Glass Staircase is a surreal and atmospheric game. Taking place sometime after 1922, The Glass Staircase is inspired by PS2 survival horror titles like Silent Hill 2 and the GameCube classic Eternal Darkness, as well as classic ‘80s Italian Giallo horror movies, such as The Beyond, House by the Cemetery, and Suspiria.

Key Features

  • Fixed camera angles to escalate the dread—you never know what you’ll find waiting just around the corner…
  • Nostalgic PlayStation 2 graphics, with thematic and mechanical nods to classic survival horror games.
  • Eldritch secrets lurk in the bowels of this house… drag them into the light.
  • Put together the pieces of a haunting story by collecting letters from the past, unraveling the mystery of the mansion and its dark history.
  • Remember: Good girls take their medicine. Good girls do their chores. Good girls go home.

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