Ever wonder why Capcom continues to re-release their classic Resident Evil games on every platform under the sun? Well, the company’s latest sales update should make the answer very clear.

Capcom has updated their million-sellers list following the most recent fiscal report, and it had a very interesting tidbit about the Switch side of things. There’s a new million seller for Capcom on the Switch, and it’s a title that originally came out in 2012.

Believe it or not, Resident Evil 6 has managed to sell 1 million units on Switch alone. Keep in mind that this isn’t a massive remake or remaster of Resident Evil 6, as it’s instead a rather straightforward port. Resident Evil 6 also happens to be one of the most divisive entries in the franchise, if not THE most divisive. Still, it looks like the combo of portability and various sales was enough to get a million Switch owners to jump in.

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