The dev team of Saxon, Michael and Tyrone Goodrick has revealed that they’re working on a new RPG inspired by the 16-bit classics, and it’s heading to Switch sometime in late 2025.

A King and his Infinity Knights wield The Armaments - weapons capable of reviving slain enemies. Xross, the newest Infinity Knight, will embark on a life-changing adventure as he experiences both the thrill and dark reality of what it means to be eternal.

Xross is the first instalment in an anthology the dev team have been wanting to share with the world for years. This is an RPG at heart, so the devs aim to create feelings of fun, curiosity, and immersion like some of their favorites did when they were young and played games together on their living room couch.


Up to 3-player couch co-op Action-Adventure RPG styled nostalgically and respectfully after SNES classics with all the benefits of the modern era of gaming. This game can be played single player, with an additional two allies (player or CPU).

Finely tuned combat that adapts to your play as you roam a world filled with enemies. A hybrid hack-and-slash puzzle solver. Change elements and weapons mid-combo to amplify your damage, sync with your allies to combine attacks and boosts, manipulate special abilities to debilitate your opponents… all of this and more to topple some of the many unique bosses, dungeons, and trials that will challenge you in Infinity Knights: Xross.

Explore a diverse selection of storylines about immortality, each influenced by cultural myths from around the world. Manipulate death with the power of the Armaments, creating thought provoking stories and unique situations!

Choose from the many playable characters to adventure out from the Kingdom and fight your way to the edges of the realm. Explore unique biomes and both hand-crafted and randomly generated dungeons.

Enhance, expand and develop the Kingdom with the treasures you bring back to unlock new characters, items, quests, and abilities! Woodcut, mine, fish, farm herbs, craft potions, smith weapon upgrades, and more as a respite and alternative to combat. Try your hand at the latest craze in the Kingdom, Gem Break!

Quality of life details, including adaptive difficulty, customizable UI, and pre-set modes such as speed runs and randomisers.

Accessibility: We are approaching difficulty and immersion differently, and this game will be as accessible and playable as possible. We want everyone to feel like they can play our games.

While Infinity Knights: Xross may look, sound and play like the RPGs of the 90s, it’s also going to include a lot of modern sensibilities and quality of life features. In an interview with Nintendo Life, the dev team opened up on just some of the ease-of-use features you can expect to find in the game.

Tyrone: Things like accessibility for disabilities, being able to customise the UI, and rearranging things. It amazes us that many games do not allow you to customise button inputs. No drop rates that don’t respect players’ interest or time. Making sure cutscenes are skippable and tutorials are optional and non-repetitive. Preset modes for speedrunning and randomization. The list goes on.

Saxon: We’re developing an automatic reaction timer (that can be turned on or off). If the game senses you need a bit more time to parry correctly, then it will adjust to challenge you appropriately. We’re hoping that features like this will encourage people to try some of the more challenging mechanics in video games, as well as increase the immersion felt by players.

We’re also looking at changing the way ‘difficulty’ works in this game, so that the experience is more customised for your enjoyment, instead of just having preset modes with scaled stats, etc. You’ll be able to combine different levels of ‘difficulty’ for yourself, granting the best experience for you.

[Developers Tyrone and Saxon Goodrick]

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