Pine Hearts is an itsy-bitsy, open-world puzzle game where you explore the sleepy scenery of Pine Hearts Caravan Park as you uncover items, unlock new paths, and discover all the little secrets stuffed throughout the Park. The title is also a gentle story about fond memories and growing up. A light touch narrative sets the scene for an affective experience that will tug at your heartstrings.

As Pine Hearts paints itself as sentimental journey, it’s no surprise to learn it was inspired by real-life grief. Creative Director Rob Madden set out to make Pine Hearts after the unfortunate passing of his father back in 2019, which came about rather suddenly due to a late discovery of cancer. In an interview with Eurogamer, Madden explains how this sad circumstance eventually led to a place of creation and catharsis with Pine Hearts.

“I have always been artistic and creative in that way, so it became a natural thing to want to build something that felt cozy, and a nice place to be. I made myself somewhere ‘warm’.

I thought, well that could be the theme and the tagline the game is built around - how do people that we love, whether relatives or friends or whoever, how do their spirits and their values live on through the things that we can do, or the ways that we behave or interact with the world? There was something really profound about that. It really touched me. “

[Rob Madden, Creative Director]

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