Developer BRUTE FORCE has confirmed that Paper Sky is going to make its way to Switch sometime in 2025. You can check out a brand-new gameplay trailer for this unique title above.

Welcome to the world of Paper Sky where you will fold your own Paper Plane to fly your message. In this hand-crafted, semi-open world escapade, players will control a paper plane through exciting and connected worlds.

This isn’t a free-flight game; instead, Paper Sky combines the thrill of an adventure game with the mechanics of a Paper Plane simulator. Build up vertical momentum and glide through the environment using it to your advantage!

Transform between a paper plane to a paper ball, gain speed, bypass obstacles, and explore hidden secrets by jumping and gliding.

Step into a vibrant world where your actions matter. Experience advanced physics and dynamic visuals. Immerse yourself and explore a world inviting you to soar, learn, and leave your mark on its pages!

Whatever you write at the beginning of your journey will become part of the world. Engage in a message-in-a-bottle style exchange, where others can read and interact with your messages, gifting you movement boosts and secret hints!

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