Diehard Nintendo fans know just how strict the company can be. We’ve seen them go after leakers, fight hard against emulation, knock videos offline for showcasing mods and so on. That’s why it’s not surprising to hear that Nintendo is just as strict with the people they work with to bring their games to life.

Multiple Zelda: Breath of the Wild voice actors appeared in a panel at MCM Comic Con to talk about their experience working with Nintendo, and they shed a light on just how restrictive the Big N is when it comes to collaborating on a project. Here’s just some of the details that were shared during the panel.

  • Charles Martinet was restricted in how he could discuss his Mario performances
  • voice actors can’t record fan-requested lines in character
  • one voice actor says he doesn’t think Nintendo would sue for recording fan lines, but it’s more of a respect thing to not do it
  • the voice actor said that if they did record fan voice lines anyway, Nintendo would most likely not see them as a team player, which would likely impact future opportunities

If you’d like to hear more on this and Zelda topics in general, you can see the complete MCM Comic Con panel above.

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