PQube are thrilled to announce the release of ‘Potion Permit: Complete Edition,’ now available both physically and digitally! This comprehensive edition includes the original Potion Permit game and all paid DLC, featuring over 30 unique cozy furniture items to personalize your potion house. A digital DLC pack is also available on all platforms for players who already own the base game.

The Best Way for Newcomers to Play! ‘Potion Permit: Complete Edition’ is the new best entry point to experience the charming town of Moonbury. Stacked with all paid DLC, you can decorate your house with animal plushies, surfboards, cute novelty furniture and more!

Personalise Your Very Own Small Town Healer - As the Medical Association’s most accomplished chemist, help the residents when they fall ill and use your skills to cure them! Completely customise your look and get out into the field!

Provide a Diagnosis for Sick Residents! - Speak to the townsfolk, diagnose symptoms and decide which cure to create!

Explore to Find Resources that Create Remedies - Wonder out into the wild and find resources vital to brewing remedies in your cauldron. Hone your experience and unlock more and more recipes!

Foster Friendships That Can Blossom Into More… - Build relationships with the villagers and upgrade the town as your approval grows! Forge special relationships with several potential love interests in-game!

A Labour of Love - Since its release in 2022, ‘Potion Permit’ has had multiple free updates, including new mini-games, romanceable characters, and more!

‘Potion Permit: Complete Edition’ is out now digitally on Switch. The ‘Complete Edition’ is available as a physical version on Nintendo Switch as well. A ‘Complete Edition DLC Pack’ is available digitally for those who own the base game and want all the available DLC.

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