Today, GungHo Online Entertainment announced that Ninjala has reached another major landmark: over 11 million downloads worldwide. The gum-powered free-to-play online multiplayer action game is now in its 16th season!

In celebration of the monumental 11 million downloads, players will receive a login bonus starting today, including:

  • 600 Free Jala (will be sent to players’ in-game mailboxes when they login during the event)
  • 20% off all items in the Shinobi Shop
  • Special Campaigns!

11 Millionth Download Commemorative Shinobi Shop Sale

  • 20% off all items in the Shinobi Shop for a limited time
  • 40% off all items with Ninjala Pass

11 Millionth Download Special Gachas - Popular avatar items are back in the Gachas during the event period:

  • Futuristic Samurai Style
  • Sci-Fi Ronin Style
  • Star & Stripe Style

11M Downloads Battle Bonus

The following items are available depending on the number of battles played during the event period:

1: Gumball Machine Coins x30 2: Research Points x20 3: Search Distance+ (Assist Code) x3 and For Ninja Sense Pro (Shinobi Card) 4: Gumball Machine Coins x30 5: Research Points x20 6: Movement Speed+ (Assist Code) x3 and For Ninja Sense Pro (Shinobi Card) 7: Gumball Machine Coins x30 8: Research Points x20 9: Damage+ (Assist Code) x3 For Ninja Sense Pro (Shinobi Card) 10: Teatime Mini Beret (Headgear) - Play through 10 battles and receive the special avatar item to celebrate 11 million downloads!

During the 11M Downloads Battle Bonus event, battles from the modes below will count towards your total:

  • Quick Battle
  • Ninjala Battle
  • Featured Battle (when in session)
  • Ninjala Tournament (when in session)

Note: A battle with a score of 500pt or higher counts as one battle.

The Shinobi Challenge EX is available for a limited time! There are more rounds than the normal Shinobi Challenge.

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