When it comes to crackin’ cases, no other amphibian does it quite like the one and only Frog Detective. iam8bit and Worm Club today announced that the music from the Frog Detective indie game series will be available on vinyl - that’s all three games in one release! Pre-orders are now open on and are expected to ship Q4 2024.

The Frog Detective vinyl soundtrack is packed with howling saxophones, spine-tingling staccatos, and all sorts of mysterious, moody blues, courtesy of maestro Dan Golding (Untitled Goose Game, Push Me Pull You). Like the game itself, the 23-track soundtrack is more than just a send-up; it’s a loving tribute to the noir genre itself, with a splash of family-friendly fun thrown in for good measure.

Comic creator Natalie Andrewson lends her warm, welcoming style to the Frog Detective album art. She put together a piece that celebrates the charming sense of community that gives the series its cozy and pleasant panache.

The Frog Detective vinyl soundtrack is available for pre-order on May 30 for $32.99 and comes with a high-quality digital download of all of the included music.

Track List:

[Side A]

  • The Entire Mystery
  • La Grenouille
  • A Frog Detective
  • The Supervisor Calls
  • Amphibian Hop
  • Lobster Cop
  • In a Pinch
  • The House
  • A Thief
  • Four for a Frog

[Side B]

  • Slippery Pond (feat. Grace Bruxner)
  • A New Frog in Town
  • Frog Stomp
  • Let’s Go Scootin’
  • Night Falls
  • Bonnie’s Saloon Strut
  • Finger Snaps for Dusty
  • Crime Solved
  • MysteryMonkey49
  • I’ll Solve it Myself
  • An Admission
  • Tadpole Town
  • The End
[Press release]

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