Ninjala Anime Episode 119 now available to stream

Flaming Kippei & The Haunted Manor

31 May 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The newest episode of the Ninjala anime series has been released online, titled “Flaming Kippei & The Haunted Manor” The 23-minute episode will be available to view for free until June 6th 2024, so check it out while it’s available! A plot synopsis of the episode reads:

In their travels, Kippei finds an old comb with moonflower patterns on the ground and decides to leave the comb in an old shrine nearby. However, the comb keeps reappearing no matter where they go, making the group question its oddity. The group walks towards a faint light in the distance to find a place to rest, only to find a ruined village from the aftermath of a war. However, in the back of the village, there is a single manor that was unscathed from all the disaster and emitting the faint light that the led the group to the village…

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