We seem to be in a new era of video game adaptations, with the success of recent movies like The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and Sonic the Hedgehog. What series are gamers hoping to see come to the big screen next? A new survey conducted by Hollywood research team NRG asked respondents that very question. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Legend of Zelda franchise was at the top of the list of adaptations survey takers most wanted to see. Other top answers included Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Final Fantasy.

The survey shed light on some other interesting habits of game and movie watchers as well. According to the results, 72% of respondents would be inspired to play or replay games after watching media based on them. In addition, 77% of respondents said that game adaptations should be produced by people who have genuine love and passion for the source material, with 59% stating that they feel betrayed when a game adaptation is made by people who don’t care about the original game.

Several of the games mentioned in the survey already have film or TV adaptations in the works, and it probably won’t be long before the rest follow suit. Hopefully, the Zelda movie meets fans’ expectations when it’s eventually released.

Click here to read the full survey results for yourself.

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2M ago

I’m personally worried about the Zelda movie. The Mario movie was passable, but didn’t really stick to the source material.


2M ago


It stuck pretty close to what Nintendo wanted back in the 90's, which is the same, apparently.

I'm VERY worried about the Zelda movie. There's a different set of standards by fans here, and it's been wanted far more than the Mario movie since the 90's.

GTA would never work, though.


2M ago


Every movie about heists or other crimes IS basically a GTA movie. I'm not sure what people are even expecting from a 'true' GTA movie.