Developer Unbound Creations have announced plans to bring Just Crow Things to Switch. In this game, you play as a cute crow, fly around town, poop on people, and steal their shiny trinkets! A sandbox-y adventure game, Just Crow Things asks you to help your animal friends in creating adorable chaos while having a beak-tastic time customizing your adorable crow appearance! The goal is to release Just Crow Things on Switch sometime in 2024, and you can check out the latest trailer above.

Pick up any object and drop it on unsuspecting humans! Use a variety of tools on your journey, like graffiti spray cans to tag the city, leaf blower to annoy people, or a blow torch to… uhh… warm people up at night. Yup. That’s, uuh, that’s totally the intended use here.

The game will give you a number of optional side tasks to challenge you further! Find all the crow puns for your Puncycolpedia, help a panicked Squirrel Mom reunite with her missing kids, or beat the Crazy Ferret in racing challenges all across the world.

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